October 27, 2008

Halloween Costumes

I finally got the kid's costumes done this weekend. 

Rooster is dressing up as Slash from Guns N' Roses or lately from Velvet Revolver but it will always be Guns N' Roses for me. 

Tater is dressing up as Indiana Jones.  I'm not thrilled with the hat we found for him but he likes it so that's what counts. 

I'm excited that this year is going to be so easy on me.  Usually, I do a lot of makeup and latex so this year will be a breeze.

I don't know if other areas have trunk or treats or not but that's what we will be doing Friday night.  It makes me a little sad that my kids don't go around the neighborhoods for hours like I did when I was a kid but then again they don't know any different.  We always do the trunk or treat, our immediate neighborhood, and then around the neighborhood I grew up in. 

In case you're wondering what a trunk or treat is, a church or school in the area opens up their parking lot for everyone to park and pass out candy from their trunks.  Most people decorate their trunks and some years we've had hot chocolate, cookies and a haunted house.