February 24, 2008

Grateful for the Small Things

We've been without a dining room table for about 2 months because I couldn't find one I liked after returning our last one. We made due with pulling up a couch or a piece of floor in the family room which inevitably lead to the TV being turned on while we ate. This went against one of my favorite house rules - that we eat dinner together, at the table, every week night.

I finally found a table that I like and we're back to eating at the table. I love being able to sit down as a family and talk about the kid's day at school, who they hung out with, what they learned etc. Usually, it's Twitch and I listening to the kids as they tend to be very chatty. It's amazing what we can learn just by letting them chatter. For instance, Lauren really loves Tater but he loves Mailey. (Yes, he's in the first grade) and that if you take a 10 minute shower you use more water than a person in Africa drinks in an entire day. Rooster shared this with us just prior to his half hour shower.

Tonight, as we sat around the table, I realized how lucky we are to be able to have that half hour or so to really focus on us and enjoy each other's company without any outside distractions.

My hope is that as the boys get older and busier, we can still manage to fit in dinner at the table, with all of us sharing about our day.

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