February 26, 2009

My laptop

I've been having a lot of problems with my laptop lately and it has gotten extremely frustrating to get continuous errors while trying to work.

No matter how many programs I have open, I randomly will get a virtual memory error. I've increased my alloted memory numerous times, formatted my hard drive and reinstalled everything and still get the error.

I think I may have to buy some memory sticks and try increasing the memory that way. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

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Utah - Gotta love it!

I was in a forum for one of my jobs when I saw a very bizarre comment, at least to me.  A person had posted a comment incinuating that not many people in Utah have computers. I really had to laugh because I know there are some crazy ideas about how things are in Utah but really we are pretty up to date year - we have running water and even internet access.

I thought it would be funny to list some of the weird quirks about Utah.

1. We don't have have horns or tails.  While Twitch and I were in New Jersey, we heard two older ladies outside the window discussing the big visit from us Utahns.  One women claimed to know for certain that people from Utah have horns and tails.

2. Fry Sauce - One of the best things ever! Mix up some mayonaise and some ketchup as a dip for your fries. Just don't try to order it in a restaurant in L.A. like Twitch did. They will laugh you out of the building.

3. Green Jello - Yes it really exists and at one time was fairly popular at family and church events.

4. Funeral Potatoes - Another really great food. I believe they got their name because they were a popular dish at church gatherings after a funeral. 

5. Utah liquor laws
    A. You cannot get hard liquor or smoke in a bar - only in a private club, where you have to pay to have
   B. There are a few cities that won't sell alcohol on Sunday.
   C. Liquor is not sold in grocery stores here. You have to go to a state owned liquor store to buy                         hard alcohol and even wine coolers and drinks like Mike's Lemonade.
   D. There is a bill before Congress right now that states liquor has to be poured behind a 10 foot wall in a

6. Although there are some polygmists here, it is not very common.

I'm sure there are more, I'll have to update as I think of them. I would love to hear any comments from readers from Utah with any I haven't listed.

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We have two dogs, Riley and Chloe, who we love tremendously, but I'm not sure that we are the best pet owners. They get lots of love from the boys when they're around, but we always so busy that I'm afraid we don't spend enough time with them.  Which is the reason we got Chloe. I really didn't want two dogs but my thought was at least they would have each other to play with. 

As for buying pet supplements, I'm probably the worst. The dogs are playing with toys that are so tattered they leave trails of stuffing where ever they go. 

I really need to become a better pet parent because they really do provide so much joy in our lives.

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We've been putting off buying new furniture until the boys were older, thinking that why get new furniture and have it trashed. We'll I don't think we can put it off any longer. The couches have gotten so uncomfortable that we don't even like to sit on them anymore and I can feel the wood in the arm of the couches.

I just hate the thought and spending so much money at one time.

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Grandma update

I've written about how amazed I am with my the strength my Grandma has and yet again she shows us what a tough women she is.

She had a stroke last Monday and was released from the hospital (to home) today!  Physically she is doing really well. There hasn't been any paralysis. She is just having some shakiness and needs to get her strength back. Mentally though I'm not sure how well she has faired. It's hard to put my finger on, but it's almost like she is a different person than before the stroke. I understand there can be personality changes and the neurologist told us it take up to a year and a half for her to get everything back.

It will be a lot of work to be able to keep her at home but it will be so worth it not to have to put her in a nursing home.

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February 21, 2009

Vegas here we come!

Well, not for not for a few months anyway, but I'm starting to plan our Vegas trip for this summer. Twitch's parents live there so we try to get down there atleast once a year. We usually make a pretty quick trip and just stay for a few days, but this year we're going to extend it a little and do some fun stuff with the kids. We're thinking about see the Knight show at the Excalibur and I've also found Westgate reservations. They have some great prices on stays at their resort so I may have to add that to the list.

There has been so much snow here lately, it's been nice to look at pictures of sunny Las Vegas and dream a little bit.

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I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. Things have been crazy around here, but the plan is to set some time aside every couple of days and get my blog updated. I have a big change coming up here-keep your eye out over the next little while and let me know what you think. 

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February 9, 2009

I'm the BEST example for my kids!

Okay so I'm not always the best example for my kids. I hinted to that fact in my last post about the dinosaur show.

First, let me say that our seats were just about up as high as you could get. There may have been 10 rows behind us. By the time we got to our seats both my and Rooster were freaking out because we're so afraid of heights.

About 45 minutes into the show, an annoucement was made that there would be an intermission.  This came after hearing Tater say over and over again that he wished we were closer. So being a mom and wanted to give her child everything I can, I'm pretty sure I heard the announcer say "here's your chance to move to the seats up closer".

I got on the phone and called our friends that were there and told them to meet us by snack bar so we could crash some better seats.

This plan did not work out so well! We were a little agressive with our first seat choices and were shut down before we could even get too far. Our second episode went much smoother - for some of us. Our friend Shawn and all of the kids made it to the seats, but me, Twitch and Danielle got asked for our tickets.  So on to our third try. This time everyone but Twitch and I made it to the seats before getting asked for tickets. Next thing I know the ushers are over asking everyone for tickets. He was actually really nice about it and felt bad that he couldn't let us move closer when there were so many seats open.  For our fourth try we went back up to the upper bowl but found seats closer than ours and off to the side, where nothing was blocked.

By this time the show had been going for about 10 mins. and Rooster in all his wisdom pointed out that my plan was worthless. Not only did we miss part of the show, but we're all "going to go to hell" for trying to take other seats.

Okay so in some instances my kids are a better example for me than I am for them!

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