February 9, 2009

I'm the BEST example for my kids!

Okay so I'm not always the best example for my kids. I hinted to that fact in my last post about the dinosaur show.

First, let me say that our seats were just about up as high as you could get. There may have been 10 rows behind us. By the time we got to our seats both my and Rooster were freaking out because we're so afraid of heights.

About 45 minutes into the show, an annoucement was made that there would be an intermission.  This came after hearing Tater say over and over again that he wished we were closer. So being a mom and wanted to give her child everything I can, I'm pretty sure I heard the announcer say "here's your chance to move to the seats up closer".

I got on the phone and called our friends that were there and told them to meet us by snack bar so we could crash some better seats.

This plan did not work out so well! We were a little agressive with our first seat choices and were shut down before we could even get too far. Our second episode went much smoother - for some of us. Our friend Shawn and all of the kids made it to the seats, but me, Twitch and Danielle got asked for our tickets.  So on to our third try. This time everyone but Twitch and I made it to the seats before getting asked for tickets. Next thing I know the ushers are over asking everyone for tickets. He was actually really nice about it and felt bad that he couldn't let us move closer when there were so many seats open.  For our fourth try we went back up to the upper bowl but found seats closer than ours and off to the side, where nothing was blocked.

By this time the show had been going for about 10 mins. and Rooster in all his wisdom pointed out that my plan was worthless. Not only did we miss part of the show, but we're all "going to go to hell" for trying to take other seats.

Okay so in some instances my kids are a better example for me than I am for them!

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