February 26, 2009

Utah - Gotta love it!

I was in a forum for one of my jobs when I saw a very bizarre comment, at least to me.  A person had posted a comment incinuating that not many people in Utah have computers. I really had to laugh because I know there are some crazy ideas about how things are in Utah but really we are pretty up to date year - we have running water and even internet access.

I thought it would be funny to list some of the weird quirks about Utah.

1. We don't have have horns or tails.  While Twitch and I were in New Jersey, we heard two older ladies outside the window discussing the big visit from us Utahns.  One women claimed to know for certain that people from Utah have horns and tails.

2. Fry Sauce - One of the best things ever! Mix up some mayonaise and some ketchup as a dip for your fries. Just don't try to order it in a restaurant in L.A. like Twitch did. They will laugh you out of the building.

3. Green Jello - Yes it really exists and at one time was fairly popular at family and church events.

4. Funeral Potatoes - Another really great food. I believe they got their name because they were a popular dish at church gatherings after a funeral. 

5. Utah liquor laws
    A. You cannot get hard liquor or smoke in a bar - only in a private club, where you have to pay to have
   B. There are a few cities that won't sell alcohol on Sunday.
   C. Liquor is not sold in grocery stores here. You have to go to a state owned liquor store to buy                         hard alcohol and even wine coolers and drinks like Mike's Lemonade.
   D. There is a bill before Congress right now that states liquor has to be poured behind a 10 foot wall in a

6. Although there are some polygmists here, it is not very common.

I'm sure there are more, I'll have to update as I think of them. I would love to hear any comments from readers from Utah with any I haven't listed.