November 25, 2008

Proud Mama

I'm so proud of my little Tater that I had to share. He got 100% on his spelling test! He has worked so hard and it was great to see him so excited.  We took him out to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate and had so much fun.

He struggles with spelling and reading. He has been in speech therapy since he was 2 because of a speech delay so it makes sense that spelling and reading wouldn't come easy for him.

A few posts ago I mentioned that we were dealing with some issues with both of the boys. With Tater there was some concern that he may have suffered a brain injury over the summer and it was just showing up now. After visits with his pediatrician he doesn't think there has been any brain trauma (although I'm still a little freaked out that there may be) but he wants him to be tested for Dyslexia.  I've had my concerns about Dyslexia, which is what started the whole testing process at school and brought up the brain injury concern.

So with everything going on he definately deserved a big celebration for his hard earned 100%.

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