November 6, 2008

Could we get so lucky?

One of my dreams is to be able to take our family to Africa.  I was at the elementary school talking to Rooster's teacher last week.  She volunteers for an organization that has adopted a tribe in Africa that has been devastated by AIDS and malaria.  We started talking and she told me she could help make my dream happen.  What?! Are you kidding me!  She is emailling the director of the program and I should know more in a couple of weeks.  The price for airfare is crazy so I'm not sure that we will be able to swing it for this summer but hopefully by next summer.

The boys are torn between going and not going.  They don't want to get all the vaccines and their a little nervous about going so far away but they are excited about taking the plane and meeting the kids in the tribe.

You can adopt a child through the organization, the money goes to providing food and other supplies.  We are going to adopt 2, one for each kid and it would be so amazing for them to be able to meet them if we can make it over there.