January 22, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

I wanted to do a service project with the boys for MLK day, but it's hard with the age difference between them to find something that they can both do without one being bored or one acting out.

We decided we would go through our food storage and take some food to the food bank.  I tried all day to reach them by phone to make sure they were open with no luck before deciding we would go to the homeless shelter. I know they need the help too, but I was a little leery about taking the boys to it.

I'm so glad we did! The house manager was so grateful for our food and even offered to take the boys on a tour of the facility.  It was a warmer day so it was empty, but they got to see the sleeping area, a family room area and learn how many people come through each day to stay or eat.  I was even able to get the phone number for their volunteer co-ordinator and Rooster and I are going done once a month to serve food. Tater really wants to go, but I think we need to wait until he is older. 

Tater's teacher asked what he did over the weekend and he told her we went to the Walking with Dinosaurs show on Saturday then the homeless shelter. I asked if he told her why we went to the homeless shelter and he said "umm no", so I'm wondering if she's thinking we're blowing our money and then getting a free meal at the shelter. Kind of made me laugh.