March 30, 2009

Just throwing it out there

For my weekly confession I've decided that I just might be a little petty.  I have three wedding rings.  Twitch and I got married when we were pretty young and couldn't afford much in the way of diamond rings so we got what we could afford and at the time I loved it. Actually, I still do but it sits in my closet.  When he got a management job at the last company he worked for, I decided I really needed a bigger diamond so we got ring number two.  Then a couple of years ago, I decided I no longer wanted a yellow gold ring so we found a new ring in white gold and of course I had to get a bigger diamond.

Well, I have the itch again.  I don't even really want a bigger diamond but I really want a vintage looking wedding ring.  So, I've started the search.  Of course, I haven't shared this with Twitch, I'll wait until I find the "perfect ring".  I'm know exactly what he is going to say... "Um, you said the last ring you got was the perfect one".

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one that does this.  Should I just be happy with the three I have now and is it really tacky to not wear the ring I was married with.

At least my boys won't have to buy rings for their weddings - I'll have plenty to share!