March 7, 2009

Customer Service

I had the BEST experience shopping and felt like I needed to share. I tend to complain about the bad ones and don't give enough praise when I receive great customer service.

We had a new Kohl's open not far from our house and I was excited to see a quesadilla maker on sale for $14.99. I received a $10 gift card from them in the mail so I was set to pick it up for $5.

I went on Friday and the price on the shelf was around $37 with a sale price of $30 - not even close to what I planned on spending. I went up to the customer service desk and asked if they had a copy  of the ad that I would have gotten in the mail. She had to pull one out of the garbage and showed me that the $14.99 price was only good on Wednesday.  I mentioned how bummed out I was because it was such a good deal.  I'm pretty sure I would of still bought it but she said you know what I'm just going to honor the sales price!!!  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.  I never expected her to give me the price it was totally my fault for missing the sale.  I am a die hard Kohl's shopper for life now!

We came home and made the best quesadilla - everyone got to pick there own ingredients and it was super easy!