March 16, 2009

Dad's day at home

Twitch has to take one day a month off from work (damn economy!) and I thought it would be a fun little experiment for him to take  care of getting the boys to and from school.  I was pretty sure he had no idea what their schedule was like so I thought I'd ask him. 

Me: Do you know what time Rooster leaves for the bus? 
Twitch: Umm 7:00?
Me: Is he walking or are you driving?
Twitch: Oh, I'll drive him.
Me: He doesn't need to leave until 7:08 (yes, we have it scheduled to the minute)
Twitch: Does he get dropped off on the left or right side of 4800?
Me: He doesn't get dropped of on 4800.  Rooster can tell you where the bus stop is.

Me:  Do you know what time Tater leaves and how he gets to school?
Twitch: I have no idea.
Me: He leaves at 8:15 with John (our neighbor)
Twitch: Do you just send him over there:
Me: Ummm  yeah.

Twitch left for awhile and asked before he left what time Tater gets out of school so he could pick him up.  I told him clearly he gets out at 3:15.

Me to Twitch: Are you going to get Tater or should I?
Twitch: No, I'll go get him.
Me: He's been out of school for 10 minutes.
Twitch: Oh, I thought you said he got out at 3:35.
Me: Smacks my head!

Dear God, 
Please don't let me leave this life without getting my boys schedule written down!

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