December 16, 2008

A little extra baggage

I decided that it is about time to loose the extra weight I've been packing around since Tater was born. I ordered some workout DVDs (just ordered haven't used) and have been working on trying to eat better. My problem is I usually forget to eat during the day and don't have anything until dinner. I keep putting it off until after the holdays because I think I would be setting myself up for disappointment if I got serious now. 

Well I've got myself another excuse to use now. It's gotten so cold here. This weekend our high should be 20 degrees with a low of -7. Now that is cold.  So, I'm thinking I should skip even the best diet pill for now and hold on to that extra padding until it warms up a bit. 

There you go - a look inside my rationale (or lack of) about losing weight.

In all seriousness, look forward to my new blog starting in January where I'll write about my progress in getting healthy. I figure if I blog about it I'll have a sense of accountability that may give me the push I need.