December 16, 2008


We had a surprise party planned for one of our good friends on Saturday and planned to take the kids out caroling after.  My good friend Kacy decorated a trailer with lights and hay and I made CD the kids could sing to.

The boys had been passing around a stomach bug the week before and each of them got it one day apart. When I didn't have it on Friday, I figured I was in the clear and did a little happy dance because I managed to dodge being sick for once.

Saturday morning I woke feeling a little queasy (yeah, you see where this is going) and by noon the bug had taken up residence in it's new host and I'm pretty sure he brought some friends. I consider myself pretty tough when it comes to dealing with sickness and pain.  After all I had Tater without the help of an epidural, (Okay it WAS NOT my choice - anesthesiologist went to dinner at the wrong time but still Au natural nonetheless and I'm going to count it) but this stomach bug was ruthless and I finally had to admit that I was sick and wouldn't be able to go. 

I gave Twitch the camera and asked him to please take pictures. At least I could live vicariously through the pics. Here's what I got....


One of my best girls and her hubby (who is pretty cool too)
A total of 3 pictures!  I'm hearing that Twitch was a little busy singing Blue Christmas over and over and over again and the camera was forgotten.  
The kids had a really good time despite it being so cold. I'm thinking this should be added to our list of Christmas traditions.