April 20, 2008

It's baseball time!

Last weekend was the home opening weekend for the Bees and we were able to get tickets for the game on Sunday (for FREE-if I haven't already told you about the pinching your pennies website, I really need to). The weather was fantastic! 72 degrees with a slight breeze-not many things better than a Sunday afternoon at the ballpark with weather like that.

The kids are getting to the ages where they are doing much better at watching an entire game. We usually leave early (because the kids get bored) but this time we went late and the boys were upset that the game seemed so short. We will definitely go for the entire game next time.

Not only was it a great day at the park - the Bees won the game. We manage to catch a several games each year but have yet to be at one they won. I'm not sure if they are a much better team this year or if Portland just isn't a very good. Either way - a win is a win :)

We had great seats right on the first base line (Yup Tater cut all his hair off-Rooster is still hanging on to his)

These pictures were taken with my phone so it doesn't do it justice. It really is a gorgeous field with a fantastic view of the mountains surrounding the field. Notice all that snow on the mountains?! Arrgh

Speaking of snow-we've gone back to winter here. It snowed a lot earlier this week (didn't stay around though) and is supposed to start snowing again tomorrow. Maybe it's today, I haven't slept yet so technically it's today (3:00 AM) but in my mind it's still Saturday. Wow-did that make any sense?