March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

Rooster packing up the trailer

We decided we couldn't wait any longer for summer to get here so we packed up and went camping at Antelope Island over Easter weekend. Not the best idea we've had in a long time! Although, we had a great time with everyone that went, it was sooooo cold!!!! We got there around 7:00 Friday night and the sun had already gone done and the wind had picked up so we hung out in each other's trailers until everyone went to bed.

Saturday morning, we took all of the kids on an Easter egg hunt at the ranch on the island. They had tons of stuff for the kids to do. Face painting, a fishing pond game, they could practice lassoing a "cow" and walk around the old barns.

Tater roping a "cow"

We were the first ones back to camp and found a little visitor in our campsite.

I told Twitch I wanted to get a good picture of the buffalo but I didn't have my good camera with me. He kept telling me how they are passive animals, no they wouldn't charge at me, no I wouldn't die by buffalo attack etc. He told me that morning the Boy Scouts, that were in the campsite next to us, were really close to the buffalo and they were fine. Thinking back on it these were the same Boy Scouts who came over about 11:00 the night before and asked us if they could have some of our firewood. So much for always being prepared! I was able to get really close to the buffalo and get a decent picture (but I would have loved to get one of his face) before he turned and walked away. When everyone else got back to camp, I learned that buffalo really aren't that passive and that they will charge a person and can run 40 miles per hour when they get going. Now I know why Twitch stayed behind when I went to get a picture. He said he would have been ok because he didn't need to run faster than the buffalo. He only needed to run faster than me to get away. There's some love for yah!

By Saturday night, the buffalo became really comfortable with us and spent most of the evening just a few feet from the trailers.

That afternoon we hiked down to the salt flats so the kids could launch rockets. They had so much room to run -they had a blast!
The hike down to the salt flats

The kids running to get the rocket

Tater and S building sand castles

We spent the rest of the afternoon flying kites, riding bikes and launching missiles.

Rooster launching his missile

Tater and Twitch flying kites

We had another visitor to our campsite! A dinosaur must have walked through while we were gone.

Kidding-Tater made the print

Rooster probably had the best weekend of his life. His girlfriend went camping with us. Ooh I should clarify not just her. Her parents are good friends and the whole family was there. They were inseparable. In fact, someone asked K's sister where K was and she said "I'm sure she is with Rooster. She is always with Rooster. We're lucky though because K is a really good kid and they have so much fun with each other. Rooster is like a little gentleman with her. He will offer her a chair or his jacket or whatever he thinks she may need or want. I always joke with Twitch that I'm not sure where he learned it from.

Tater was having a lot of trouble with his asthma. So I took him home Saturday night to sleep then went back Sunday morning. He was so impressed that the Easter Bunny would come to our house for him and go to the campsite for his brother. We went back Sunday afternoon and Tater found his eggs that the Easter Bunny hid for him, had a great brunch then cleaned up the campsite and headed home.

Antelope Island (would be a really nice picture without the smudge on the lens!)
Antelope Island


BaybreezeRI April 7, 2008 at 3:01 PM  

Nice pics cuz! Sounds like a great weekend.