April 4, 2009

New Floor

We decided awhile ago to tear out our carpet and put down wood flooring.  It was actually super easy to put down-I even managed to do the entire living room by myself while Twitch was at work.  We were doing three rooms so I thought it might go faster if we called some friends and get it done in one day.  Under the promise of beer and pizza we managed to get enough guys over that it was done in no time.  I should warn you though. If you decide to go this route, don't serve the beer until AFTER the floor is done.  One of our friends, I'll call him Jay to protect the not so innocent had maybe a few too many during the course of the day and somehow pinched the water line from the fridge.  We had no idea it had happened until 4 days later when Twitch went downstairs and the electrical box was popping and smoking.  We tore up the floor and mangaged to save most of it and luckily enough the electrical dried out too.  You think we would learn to be a little more selective about who we provide beer and pizza to. Jay is the same guy that decided we didn't need all of the bolts and screws put in the new barstools we bought for our New Year's Eve party.  Of course, the chair didn't fall apart until after he left but the look at Twitch's face as he collapsed to the floor was priceless.